Our Menu

A wide variety of dishes and drinks to choose from.  We have a good selection of expresso based drinks, hot and cold.

Food freshly prepared from our kitchen to your table.

All Day Breakfast

Served with Coffee or Tea

Big Breakfast ₱365.00

Choice of American or Filipino

American Breakfast ₱295.00

Choice of Bacon or Ham served with French Toast and Egg

Filipino Breakfast ₱295.00

Choice of Beef Tapa, Tocino, or Chorizo served with Rice and Egg

Bangus Breakfast 310.00

Pan-grilled Garlic Boneless Bangus served with Rice and Egg


Beronia Crianza 800.00

375 ml

La Tita Sangria 600.00

750 ml bottle

Maria Del Mar Semi Sweet 600.00

750 ml bottle

Laviña Tempranillo 895.00

750 ml bottle

Luces Tempranillo 925.00

750 ml bottle

Novissimo Canepa Merlot 925.00

750 ml bottle

Wyndham Estates BIN 888 Cabernet 1,350.00

750 ml bottle

Wyndham Estates BIN 999 Merlot 1,350.00

750 ml bottle

Salentien Pinot Noir Reserva 1,800.00

750 ml bottle

Visit Us at:

GF, One Lorton Bldg., Ledesma St. and Shell JM Baza-Ortiz Sts.

Contact Us: 338-41-58

Open : Monday to Saturday - 8:00 am till 6:00 pm

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